IMPORTANT NOTE: All the links that begin with a "+" sign here are programs that process the current page. To make one works on any showing page, right-click (Control-click for Mac) on the link to Add to Favorites... Bar or Bookmarks. Then you'll be able to call that program from the page you want.

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"Linked Images"

From a web page containing direct links to images, this shows a new page containing all those images.

This is great for pages with text-only links to images. And, if you prefer to see all the big pictures associated to the small ones (thumbnails) here under, just click once on +Linked Images instead of clicking on each one and come back in between.

Sample from an artist friend page

Note: Normally in a page like this one, when you put the mouse over a direct link to an image, your browser shows a .JPG name on its Status Bar at the bottom left corner. (If no file name appear, you can right-click — Control-click with Apple — on the link, choose "Copy the Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" in the appearing menu and Paste it in the Address Bar.)

That special link and many others are called bookmarklets from Steve Kangas' web site. He got this great idea first. His site and many others are full of them with good compatibility explanations. Before I discovered them, I've made some Windows' Internet Explorer tools that were covering more than some of the most useful ones listed here, with their sites:

  1. an "in New Window" version of "linked images" + excellent zap & form tools by Jesse Ruderman
  2. "Find URL" address in page by Troels Jakobsen
  3. "Biggest Frame on Top", same window, by Steve Kangas
  4. open links on Top... or elsewhere by Steve Kangas
  5. "Make Frames Resizable" by Troels Jakobsen
  6. show jump link labels or form actions & names, here under.


This will set the Cookie expiration to next year. I call it to keep Customize Your Map changes for next time in this radar (New Window) site.

+Jump Links

This will show all the possible #word in lime highlighting, inside the web page, plus, restore the context menus (right-clicks, Control-clicks for Apple). To hide them back, Refresh or Reload the page ("F5" or while holding down "Cmd", press "R").

Most of those #word can end the web document address to jump directly where they are. In the address, do NOT include the ending "#", ":" or "=".

In document with duplicate word, Internet Explorer goes to the first ending with "#" or ":" before checking for the first ending with "=". Other browsers prioritize the first one ending with ":", and, ignore totally all words that show an "=" ending.

For example, if you click on the "+Jump Links" above, you'll see a "#jump:" in lime highlighting appearing just in front of it. Now, after Reload/Refresh or not, if you end the Address field on top with "freeware.htm#jump" followed by the "Enter" key, your browser will go directly to the current section of this page.

It help me make links jump directly where I want to, like this one, in chart page of Yahoo!


This shows the forms' action, input names & hidden values in a web page, in lime highlighting, plus, restore the context menus (right-clicks, Control-clicks for Apple). To hide them back, Refresh or Reload the page ("F5" or while holding down "Cmd", press "R"). I just use it for curiosity or to get back my Internet Explorer's context menus.

More tools as soon as I can publish them...